October 18, 2018
   PROJECT NAME : Design and Construction Supervision of Aircraft Piping Fuel Filling System, Chiangmai Province
Owner : Airport of Thailand Co., Ltd. (AOT)
Client : Airport of Thailand Co., Ltd. (AOT)
Location : Chiangmai Province
Period of Services : 2005 - 2007
Project Cost : Approx. 97 Million Baht
Scope of Services and Description of Duties :

Scope of Aircraft Piping Fuel Filling System construction work consists of engineering work, purchasing, delivery, dismantling, installation and test. Construction period of Chiangmai Airport Aircraft Piping Fuel Filling System is 365 days divided into following major constructions:

  1. Install ø300 mm fuel pipes by buried underground for fuel distribution from server to 10 aircraft pits. The length of piping system is 1,300 meters.
  2. Construct 6 Main Distribution Pits (MDP). Install pipes and its equipment such as surge accumulator, testing equipment for valves and etc. and used as linking point for pipe connection or diversion which finally connecting to serverís pipes.
  3. Install fuel pit consisting of hydrant pit valve and hydrant pit box at 2 points per 1 fuel pit, totally 20 points to dispense fuel to the aircrafts.
  4. Install fuel pipe cathodic protection system.
  5. Install Static Grounding System along with every air craft pit, 20 points altogether.
  6. Install an Emergency Shut-off System to stop working of fuel pump at the serverís depot by fixing an emergency button at every air craft pitís lamp post.
  7. Install Fire Extinguished System to support Airport Fire Safety by installing fire equipment cabinet near every air craft pit lamp post and laying ø150 mm underground fire water pipe and connecting to the existing fire water pipe system.