October 18, 2018

We have extensive expertise in the design and construction management of pipelines, storage facilities, infrastructure, and marine structures of oil and gas industrial.

Our engineering disciplines include structure and civil works, mechanical and electrical works, instrumentation, and piping.

Projects :
  1. Safety Coaching Services for ESSO Service Station Details..
  2. Technical Due Diligence on Phetchaburi Oil Terminal Details..
  3. Consultancy for Banpu Indonesia Details..
  4. Detail Design for Building Ethane Cracker LDPE & LLDPE Rayong Details..
  5. PTT Polyethylene Plant (PTTPE) Details..
  6. Construction Supervision and Management for NGV Station Services, Across Thailand Details..
  7. Design and Construction Supervision of Aircraft Pipe Fuel Chiang Mai Details..
  8. Design of HVAC, Lighting, Sanitary & Plumbing System Songkhla CCPP Details..
  9. Songkhla Gas Separation Plant Details..
  10. PTT Gas Separation Plant No.5 Details..
  11. Port and Facilities Design for Trubaindo Coal Mining Details..
  12. EIG/VAS Foundation Details..
  13. Upgrading of Effluent Treatment Plant Project 1997 Details..
  14. Thai Lube Base Details..
  15. BST C4 Details..
  16. Si Chang Thong Deep Sea Development Details..
  17. Saraburi Oil Terminal Details..
  18. Bang Pa In Oil Terminal Details..
  19. Detail Design of Raitank Cars Details..
  20. Engineering Design of Services Stations Details..
  21. Oil Tankage and LPG Sphere Construction Details..
  22. Upgrading Works at Sriracha Oil Terminal Details..
  23. Upgrading of Effluent Treatment Plant Project 1992 Details..
  24. Lum Luk Ka Oil Terminal Details..
  25. "B" Structure-Erawan-Khanom Gas Transmission Pipeline Details..
  26. Design and Analysis of liquefied Pertroleum Gas Tank Details..
  27. Oil terminal for LOBP Expansion Details..
  28. Architecture and Engineering Services Details..
  29. ESSO Phuket Marine Details..
  30. Detailed Design of Thilawa Oil Jetty, Yangon Division, Myanmar Details..