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Home BUILDINGS Study Research and Design for Building 5 Floor of National Housing Authority

PROJECT NAME : Study Research and Design for Building 5 Floor of National Housing Authority


Owner : National Housing Authority

Client : National Housing Authority

Location :  Unidentified (study case)

Period of Services :  2007 – 2008

Project Cost :  NA

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


National Housing Authority employed ATT Consultants Co, Ltd. to study, research and design the 5 storey residential building project in form of limitation and ready made part coordination system to support the industrial production system. The limitation coordination system is coordination of limitations by coordinating various bases and multiple bases to be used in limitation coordination of the building to be in accordance with building component by using the same limit or nearly as followings:


1. Study constituent size of usable area of residential compound that suits for the aim group and cost level that should be carried out.

2. Study pattern of construction technology of ready made parts system as follow industrial standard.

3. Study building control law concerning with residential compound building.

4. Study building constituents design to be used ready made parts in choosing the suitable limitation form to residential compound building.

5. Study ready made parts design and joint of various parts of building constituents.

6. Design residential compound building plan by using concept of position coordination and ready made parts construction technology.