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PROJECT NAME : Energy Audit of Thai Oil Refinery Plant



Owner : Thai Oil Co., Ltd.

Client : Thai Oil Co., Ltd.

Location :  Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, Thailand

Period of Services :  1998

Project Cost :  Approx. 4,000 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


Thai Oil Refinery Plant is the largest refinery plant in Thailand. It is located at Ao-Udom sub-district, Sriracha district, Chonburi province. The capacity of the plant is about 35 million litre per day. From this process, the expenditure on electricity is about 1,114 million Baht per year.


There are four main electrical components consuming large amount of electricity:


• Split type air conditioning units

• Illuminating system

• Motors and generators

• Central unit air condition


For the purpose of improving efficient electrical consumption of Plant, ATT was awarded a contract to perform the energy audit of the plant. The services include the following:


• Examine the present energy consumed,

• Electricity,

• Oil and gas

• Steam

• Evaluate on the result,

• Recommend on the practical means to save the energy together with the cost estimation.