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PROJECT NAME : Songkhla Gas Separation Plant


Owner : Trans-Thailand Malaysia Co., Ltd.

Client : Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd.

Location :  Songkhla Province

Period of Services :  2003 – 2005

Project Cost :  NA

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


ATT provided the works for Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. (SEC) in two work packages as follow:


1. The Detail Designed of the North Access Bridge and the storm water drainage system:


• Detail designed the north access bridge that cross the public cannel and near the northern gate of the plant. This bridge are reinforcement concrete, the dimensions 13×70 meters (WxL);

• Designed the storm water drainage system out side the plant.


2. Government Work Permits briefly include:


• Plant established permit;

• Construction permits;

• Liquefied petroleum gas storage tank permits excluding NDE and Hydrotest;

• Fuel oil tank permits;

• Hazardous material storage permits;

• Plant operation permit;

• Boiler permit;

• Electrical generator permit;

• Power supply permit;

• Other permit (will liaise between SEC and Authority);

• Advice and review documents and drawings that require for permit obtaining and etc.


3. Detailed Engineering Works


• Prepare designed works in detail in compliance with relevant codes and standards as specified by ITB and local regulations for applicability in Thailand.

• Submitting the catalogue and sample of required material for design work (if required).

• Software providing such AutoCAD R14, STADD III, Microsoft Word (V.6) or Microsoft Excel 2000, etc.

• Drawing preparation standard.

• As-built drawing preparation.

• Basic design review and comments.

• Certifying document and drawing by registered professional engineer that required by Thai Law as specified.