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PROJECT NAME : Pak Bara Deep Sea Port Project


Owner : Marine Department, Ministry of Transport

Client : Marine Department, Ministry of Transport

Location :  La Ngu District, Satun Province, Thailand

Period of Services :  July 2005 – July 2006

Project Cost :  Approx. 5,800 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


Port Descriptions


(1) Port Terminal

• Container terminal 750 m long which can berth 2 of 70,000 DWT vessels or 3 of medium sized ships simultaneously with throughput of 800,000 TEU/year.

• General service terminal with 300 m. long.


(2) Port’s Buildings: Building for port activities consists of

(3) Container Storage Area consists of 2 major components, container yard (CY) and marshalling yard.

(4) Port Access Bridge is reinforced concrete typed with 4,300 m. long and 4 lanes of 2 way-directions.

(5) Navigating Channel in primary stage will be dredged into -14.0 m. from lowest water level with 180 m. wide, and turning basin of 600 m. diameter sized.

(6) Breakwater filled construction with 1,700 m. long.

• Terminal Operation Building

• Main Entrance Gate

• Warehouse and Work Shop Building

• Pilot & Tugboat Building

• Administration Office

• Custom & Operation Building

• CFS Building (Export Cargo)

• CFS Building (Import and Bonded Cargo)

• Canteen Building

• Seminar Building

• Substation Building

• Wastewater Treatment Building

• Water Pumping Building

• Security Center and Goods X-Ray Building


Scope of Services


Pak Bara Deep Sea Port will be established at Andaman sea coast in La Ngu district, Satun province. ATT and PCI (Japan) have been selected to carry out engineering services for the project in accordance with Owner’s objectives. The consulting services are :


(1) To review on previous feasibility study of engineering, economy and environment such as in general such as in general characteristic of the project, multi-continuing transportation connection system as well as a trend of sea transportation demand in quantity and kind of goods ;

(2) In engineering works is to present detailed design deep sea port to be in modern and international standard ;

(3) To review previous environmental impact assessment whether it requires to additional study or not ;

(4) Study on sea port administration, i.e., regulations and related legality, construction methodology, setting up an organization for administration and management the port in appropriately and efficiency ;

(5) Public relation works shall be perform to participants especially residents in project’s area to be learned correct informations and have participation in commentations or fruitful recommendations.