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PROJECT NAME : Survey and Detailed Design for Construction of Ban Nakluea Port Trang Province


Owner : Marine Department

Client : Marine Department

Location :  Trang Province, Thailand

Period of Services :  May 2010 – April 2011

Project Cost :  Approx 398 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


Ban Nakluea Port in Trang province at a glance:


1. Front wharf length 185 m, 29 m width enables to service cargo ships capacity 4,000 ton gross weight.

2. Building comprise:

• Terminal Office Building (TOB), area 1,500 m2.

• Checker bridge and weight building.

• Warehouse and plants animal quarantine building, area 1,000 m2.

• Pumping station and mechanical building, area 64 m2.

• Workshop building, area 64 m2.

• Stockpile goods yard for mainly stockpile goods and yard for some containers.

• Service roads, office parking lodge and parking area for waiting of trucks.

• Guardhouse and fence surrounding project.


3. Public utilities, plumbing, water treatment, drainage systems and sediment pond.

4. Power supply system, street lighting system, stockpile goods yard.

5. Lightning Protection System

6. Telephone System

7. LAN Network

8. Fire Alarm System

9. Public Address System


Consultant’s Works


1. Survey, design for Ban Nakluea Port construction to service the cargo ships of stockpile capacity 4,000 ton gross weight and another facilities such as stockpile yard, tool and equipment of goods unloading, building and its facilities and public utility system.

2. Study and review data as necessary from the previous feasibility of economic, engineering and environment. By economic to study and review on economic situation and goods volume that to coming use the current port and trend forecast in the future as well as analysis on investment data and project benefit assessment.

3. Survey, detailed design of the project on the guideline of expert consideration committee for analysis report of environmental impact on transportation of government agency, state enterprise or with private participation, given concurrence that technical feasible and meet international standard resulting a high benefit, less cost for construction maintenance for entrance water channel as well as reduce environmental impact, propose type of port management, service port fee, etc.