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PROJECT NAME : 500 kV Sai Noi and On Nuch Substation Expansions Project



Owner : Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Client : Group Schneider (Germany)

Location :  Nonthaburi Province, Bangkok, Thailand

Period of Services :  1997 – 1998

Project Cost :  Approx. 550 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


EGAT’s has periodically program to develop the national power system to serve the growth of country’s power demand. Sai Noi and On Nuch are the key stations of EGAT system for power distribution to the Greater Bangkok area and vicinity. Sai Noi and On Nuch were therefore expanded their switchyards and facilities in order to receive power lines from the other sources as such Chom Bung and Nong Chok Substations respectively.


ATT and Group Schneider are responsible for design and supervision of civil and architectural works for the both substations. The works comprised the control building, foundation for steel towers and transformers in the switchyard, cable trenches.