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Solar Plant

Consultancy Engineering Services for Financial Institution Electricity Production from Biogas Project

Owner : Green Earth Energy Co., Ltd.

Location : Dan Chang District, Supan Buri Province



Scope of Services and Description of Duties : The Electricity production from biogas of this Project is the project that use the biogas obtained from anaerobic wastewater treatment as the fuel to produce electricity power capacity of 2.97 MW. The wastewater came from Ethanol Production Factory situated nearby the area. The electricity power generated from this biogas will be connected thru transmission grid line of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). This project will support and promote the utilization of the natural resources within the country effectively and efficiency and also reduce the wastewater pollution generated from Ethanol Factory.


The biogas factory situated in the area of 28 rai with the green area of 28% of the Plant area.


Scope of Service

(1) Reviewed and verified the Technical data informations such as the suitability of the technology, proven track record, etc. which will be considered whether for conforming with infrastructure design guides and in compliance with the regulation and requirement of PEA or not?


(2) Review and check for Construction Plan

• Check for the completion date of the Project.

• Check for the resources for design, transportation s start-up and Testing and commissioning.

• Suggestion and comments on the completion date, whether this can be reached or not?


(3) Evaluate the raw material used for production including quantity and quality and suitability.


(4) Evaluate the cost of operation and maintenance.

• Cost of Operation and Maintenance such as, fixed cost and daily variable cost and suggest the total cost for reports.

• Check for basic cost necessary for daily expenses.


(5) Technical data summary for:

• Performance guarantees

• Performance testing criteria


(6) Provide recommendations for:

• The Construction of Plant for completeness and other facilities for improvement area.


(7) Provide Technical Audit Report to Green Earth Energy Co., Ltd. /Financial Institution

Consultancy Service or Design and Supervision for 500 kWp Rooftop Solar Power Generation Project

Owner : S & P Syndicate Plc.

Location : Lad Krabang, Bangkok



Scope of Services and Description of Duties : S&P desired to hire a consultant company to provide services for Survey study of system design and Preparation of TOR, bidding evaluation and selection of the Contractor for construction, equipment installation, testing and commissioning the system for the Project.

(1) Survey study and system design.

(2) Preparation of TOR, Bidding evaluation and selection of the Contractor.

(3) Construction Supervision and Testing and Commissioning.