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Maritime navigation is an environment-friendly and cost-effective mode of transport. During the past decade, the demand for port facilities and services for large cargo and container vessel has been rapidly increasing. Therefore, for most countries, including Thailand, development and maintaining port and waterway infrastructures is essential for their economic development.


To meet these challenges, we provide our clients with innovative, practical, cost-effective and efficient solutions associated with port and coastal projects, such as port, jetty, seaberth, breakwater, dredging, land reclamation and beach protection. We also provide services on the site investigation, such as hydrographic survey, wave and current measurement, sediment transport measurement, etc.


Projects :


1. Study and design for Tsunami Protection Structure Project [ Details.. ]

2. Survey and Detailed Design for Construction of Ban Nakluea Port Trang Province [ Details.. ]

3. Leam Chabang Port Phase 3 [ Details.. ]

4. Damage Investigation IRPC Jetty Wharf No.1 to No.8 [ Details.. ]

5. Feasibility of Thai Oil Jetty Expansion [ Details.. ]

6. Structural Reliability Investigation and Rehabilitative Design of Shell Oil Loading Portss [ Details.. ]

7. Jetty No.1 Khao Bo Ya Oil and Gas [ Details.. ]

8. Engineering Consultancy Services of Area C0 Leamchabang Chonburi [ Details.. ]

9. Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Trang Port [ Details.. ]

10. Feasibility Study for Breakwater Rayong [ Details.. ]

11. Designated Area for Sustainable Tourism Samer Islands and Connected Zone [ Details.. ]

12. Pakbra Deep Sea Port [ Details.. ]

13. Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for PP Island Torist Pier [ Details.. ]

14. Survey and Design for Improvement of Plot Station [ Details.. ]

15. Architectural and Engineering Detailed Design of Pattaya-Chomtien and Cha-am Beach [ Details.. ]

16. Ao Chalong – Ao Por Tourist Pier [ Details.. ]

17. Leamchabang Port Phase 2 [ Details.. ]

18. Pattaya Rehabilitation [ Details.. ]

19. Feasibility Study of Tak Bai Jetties [ Details.. ]

20. Detailed Design of Thilawa Oil Jetty, Yangon Division, Myanmar [ Details.. ]

21. PMC for Thai Oil New Jetty 7&8 Project [ Details.. ]

22. Analysis and Evaluation to the Structural of Prachuap Port [ Details.. ]