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PROJECT NAME : Consultancy Services for Aerial Cable Replacement to Underground Cable Systems, Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok



Owner : Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA)

Client : Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA)

Period of Services : 2016-2022

Location : Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Project Cost : Approx. 4,500 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties : MEA is responsible for supplying electricity to customers in greater Bangkok area, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn provinces. At present, majority of distribution lines is aerial cable. It imposes security problem to the distribution system and creates a bad scenery image to the Bangkok Metropolitan. Relocation of aerial cable system to underground cable system is set as a priority to MEA to gradually perform year by year due to high invest cost.


A programme begins within the Ratchadaphisek zone called “Ratchadaphisek Project”. The project is covered several roadways boundary lines as indicated in the locations above. The works of the Project involve the construction of underground electricity supply facilities meet the requirements of MEA’s standards within servicing areas for relocating the existing overhead lines system to the underground appurtenances completed with equipment and appliances purchased as required in compliance with Codes and Standards.


ATT has been assigned as a consultant to carry out the consultancy service with a brief 5 tasks as follows:


Stage 1 : Site Survey of construction of underground cable duct bank and/or tunnel

Stage 2 : Detailed design

Stage 3 : Tender document preparation and construction cost estimation

Stage 4 : Obtaining construction permit from concerning authority for construction in public area, and evaluation of bidders’ technical proposal

Stage 5 : Construction Supervision work as following,


1) Review of site survey report, site data collection, ground data survey gathering for underground piping system design.

2) Acting, construction supervision and project management since project starting tills project completion as well as serving in guaranteed work period.

3) Performing, coordinate with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Metropolitan Police Bureau, police station, and related public utilities including any problem and obstruction solving during construction course.

4) Drawing and document inspections that submitted by contractor with given any comment, concluded and submit to MEA for consideration prior to officially inform the contractor.

5) Inspection and construction supervision on additional civil work in case of new customer applying for electricity usage or change of rating kWh meter within project area.

6) Inspection and giving comment to MEA in case of the contractor requires time frame extension in the contract, additional payment when work addition or other cases that similarly.

7) Progress work report preparation, performance each party report preparation including minute of meeting with recommendation in every month and issuing final report when construction work completed.