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PROJECT NAME : Consulting Service for Ten Substations and One Terminal Station



Owner : Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA)

Client : Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA)

Location :  Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

Period of Services :  June 1997 to April 1999

Project Cost :  Approx. 2,200 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


MEA is planning to build ten new (115/24 kV or 69/24 kV) GIS substations and reconstruct one existing outdoor terminal station on a turnkey basis. Approximately 10 km. of underground cable network will be built to distribute power from these substations to other connecting circuits.


The substations and the terminal station are indoor type with computerized substation control and protection system and equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system. The switchgears are gas insulated (GIS) type both high and medium voltages. All equipment are installed indoors except the power transformers. The underground cable duct banks are built either by an open cut or pipe jacking method.


ATT in association with Electricite’ de France (EDF) has been awarded the consultancy service to assist MEA on the engineering activities. The services are divided into four stages.


Stage 1 : Conceptual design and criteria for detailed design

Stage 2 : Preparation of solicitation for construction tenders

Stage 3 : Tenders evaluation

Stage 4 : Approval of drawings and documents