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PROJECT NAME : Utilities Distribution & Airport Maintenance Facilities



Owner : New Bangkok International Airport (NBIA)

Client : New Bangkok International Airport (NBIA)

Location : Samut Prakarn, Thailand

Period of Services : 2004 – 2005

Project Cost : Approx. 1,810 Million Baht

Scope of Services and Description of Duties :


New Bangkok International Airport (NBIA) or currently name Suvarnabhumi Airport is located at Bang Pli district, Samut Prakarn province. ATT is assigned to carry out on construction supervision and review construction drawings and method statement of electrical works of Utilities Distribution and Airport Maintenance Facilities which are divided into 3 parts :


1. Utilities Distribution and Ductbank Network System comprises of construction and installation of utility tunnels, cable system, power substation, ductbank network system, entire controlling system (communication & electrical system);

2. Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection System comprises of the main construction, i.e. water supply pipe, fire fighting system, waste water collection pipe, sewage pumping station, recycled water irrigation and cooling system, soil absorption and aircraft sewage disposal;

3. Airport Maintenance Facilities System comprises of the construction of buildings and workshops, entrance-exit, roadway and parking, storm drainage system and facilities support. This part only costs 32,000 million Baht.


Apart of this ATT has provided engineers to oversee the main structure of NBIA, comprises Passenger Terminal Complex designed as a single building covering a gross floor area of 563,000 square meters consists of Passenger Terminal Building and Concourse Building connected to aerobridge gates leading to aircraft.


The Passenger Terminal Building is 111 meters wide, 444 meters long and 42.85 meters height. The building has seven floors including basement and cover 182,000 square meters of utilizable area.


The Concourse Building is 40.05 meters wide, 3,133 meters long and 25 meters height. The building has four floors including basement and cover 381,000 square meters of utilizable area


Elevated Frontage Roads consist of 240,000 square meters of elevated road system that provide passenger and service access to the Terminal Building at both Arrivals and Departures floor levels. Other portion is an approximately 120,000 square meters of “at-grade” road, car and bus parking. The roads provide staff and service access to the Passenger Terminal Complex (PTC), access to the short term car parks, access to the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) and access road to the hotel.